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Refreshing the Longarm

My new hydraulic lift is awesome.  It allows me to quilt at just the right height, whatever, that happens to be for the quilting I’m doing.  With just the push of a button I can set a new height.  It has helped me visually see what I am quilting.  Definitely recommend. Yesterday I put on… Continue reading Refreshing the Longarm


Creating With Hunter’s Star Studio 180 Design Tool

I no longer want to stick to patterns.  I love the idea of creating my own.  That’s why I love the tools at http://www.studio180design.net/.  Once you learn the tools, you are free to try your own designs.  I have made Deb Tucker’s “Hot Flash” quilt and two “Masquerade” table runners. “Hot Flash” made with William Morris… Continue reading Creating With Hunter’s Star Studio 180 Design Tool